Campers may come for one week, or as many that apply to their age group. Come visit and we’ll provide meals, activities, lodging and great memories. Each week is filled with activities and new learning experiences.

Camp Blue Ridge
CIT (Counselor In Training)

Ages: 16-18

Period: Jun 24 ~ July 8


If you’ve ever wanted to work at summer camp, this is the week for you. Experience the next level in what it means to be involved with camp ministry, while learning the ropes with an experienced staff member. This week is not for the faint of heart, Camp is tiring, but it’s the best kind of tired! This could be the best decision you make all summer!


Ages: 7-11

Period: June 24 ~ 1


Adventure is waiting! Come and learn how to swim, ride a horse, or shoot an arrow, along with a variety of other fun and adventurous options. We invite our youngest campers to come along for a week full of fun, laughter, singing and worship programs designed just for them. Sign-up now!


Ages: 10-13

Period: July 1~ 8


Whether you already feel like one with the outdoors or a creative genius, this camp has something to offer everyone! Each morning you’ll head out to your cabin to explore adventure together! Come join us for all of the fun and exciting activities that we have planned for you! Let the good times begin!


Ages: 11-14

Period: July 08 ~ 15


It’s non-stop action from the moment you arrive at camp! There are lots activities to choose from, praise and worship gatherings, and the best part of all is that you can enjoy it with friends, new and old. Don’t let this opportunity pass. These spaces fill up fast!


Ages: 13-17

Period: July 15 ~ 22


Welcome to the experience of a lifetime! Spend a week hanging out with friends, honing old skills or learning new ones, you can’t pass this opportunity up! Be sure to check out the awesome outpost options happening as well.


Ages: 0 -120

Option I: July 22 ~29

Option II: July 29 ~ 5

The camp is for people of ALL ages. What better way to enjoy it than to get away as a family. We know how difficult it can sometimes be to make plans as a family. We all like different things. The camp is the perfect place for everyone. It has activities for young and old, for those who like an adventure, and for those who just want a little relaxation. Meals are included! No need to plan menus, worry about groceries, or cleanup. You’ll have more time to focus on those that matter most. You’ll also enjoy planned devotionals. Prepare to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.


Ages: 13-17

Period: July 08 ~ 15


If you love water sports, are curious about them, or just want to pick up something new, this is the camp for you! Experience the rush of wakeboarding, waterskiing, or tubing, on Kerr Lake. Further, develop your skills or learn for the very first time. Our experienced staff will be there to support or train you as needed. The small class size allows for you to be instructed according to your own experience and comfort level.



Junior (11-14): July 1 ~ 8

Tween (11-13): July 8 ~ 15

Teen (13-17): July 15 ~ 22


Grab your boots and saddle up! Each class is designed to challenge every camper, cowboys or cowgirls, regardless of experience. From trail rides to horse and barn care, campers will have a broad range of equestrian experiences. Campers will spend the whole morning with their horses and the afternoon attending classes of their choice. Long pants and shoes with a two-inch heel will be needed for riding.


Junior (12-13): July 01 ~ 08

Tweens (12-15): July 08 ~ 15

Teens (13-17): July 14 ~ 22


What can be better than getting to play paintball a few times a week? Playing every day, all day, all week!! Learn the dynamics of being on a team, communicating, working together, and looking out for one another. With acres of woods, a creek, and plenty of hills, the play is endless! Paintball guns and safety equipment are provided.