About Us


Established in 1957, Camp Blue Ridge has a distinguished history serving guests of all ages in the natural beauty of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

Owned and operated by the Potomac Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, Camp Blue Ridge was founded on the belief that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.   We consider it a priveledge to provide a caring and secure environment where children, youth and families are blessed by the natural beauty that God has provided. Camp Blue Ridge is committed to  providing an environment where all guests can grown in their relationship with their Savior. 

We believe that through experiencing the beauty of creation, guests will have the opportunity to disconnect from the distractions of our world and have the ability to re-connect with their Creator.  In the fast paced times in which we live, we feel this is more important now than ever!

We seek to serve our guests in a Christ like fashion and pray that each person we serve will see Him reflected in all that we say and do. 


Connect people with Christ, through nature


To be recognized as the best camp that the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer