​Camp Blue Ridge’s staff joins us mostly from colleges and universities.

Having a good match between staff and camp is very important. We look for staff who have a passion for Christ, & a genuine interest in working with families and children. Being a staff member isn’t easy, by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll work hard and sleep little. But when the summer is over, you’ll want to come back.

The friends you make as a staff member are the type you’ll never make anywhere else. They’re the type of friends that have your back no matter what, and who are always there to support you.

We hire staff who we believe will come to camp and “give of themselves” to our campers. Our staff should reflect a high level of maturity, dependability, trust, and selflessness required in working with children. Camp Blue Ridge completes background checks on our staff and provides staff training.

Counselors and staff responsible for campers MUST be over the age of 18. It is important to understand that no person under the age of 18 can be considered for a counseling position, or to be the ‘sole caretaker of a child’ and there are limited job opportunities for applicants under the age of 18 due to child supervision requirements. Positions for staff under the age of 18 are very limited due to limited positions. You are welcome to apply for alternate positions – like lifeguards and office staff.